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Cookie Policy

Now you will have to decide whether or not to allow cookies at Loans Finder. If you deny then surely we will not be able to know about your preferences. However it is totally up to you. Cookies also help you to navigate easily from one page to page. Cookies have an important role to play with us otherwise it would not be possible for us to recognize whether you are new visitor or a returning customer.

You can easily understand for what purpose we need cookies from our privacy policy. Detailed information about cookies has been given here:

What is a cookie?
Cookies are better defined are small packets of data which are stored by the web browser in the personal computer of the user. Cookies are simple data files which store temporary information about the browsing history of the user. Cookies are intended towards enhancing the usability of the site by letting know the browser where improvement is required. Cookies make navigation of the user from one page to another page of the site easy and convenient. With the usage of cookies we make sure more personalized services for our users.

What cookies have to do with Loans Finder?
Cookies are an application which enables the browser to study the preferences of its users. So, its uses are very important and have lot to do with the performance of the site. Let us tell you how cookies help us:

  • Cookies get us exact information about the traffic load on our site. In short we will be able to know the number visitors on our site.
  • User's overall browsing experienced has been stored by the cookie.
  • Cookies at times are installed for security purposes of the user.
  • Session based data can also be stored by the cookie which are meant to make access of the user smooth and convenient.

Only details about browsing of this site by the user will be kept by the cookie. You may rest assured your personal details will not be stored.

How to delete cookies?
To disable cookies you must make necessary changes in your browser settings. But you must know that you may not able to access secure areas of the site after disabling cookies.

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